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All of my designs include unlimited communication throughout the design process, ON-TIME delivery, and customization for your ensemble.  I will work with you every step of the way to help your ensemble have a great experience.

ON-TIME Delivery

On-Time delivery is crucial to your group’s success, so it is my top priority.  We will always communicate our timelines so that your performers can get the show on the field or floor!


I offer unlimited communication with your design and instructional teams throughout the design process.  This includes unlimited phone and email discussions.


All designs are customized for your group.  We will work to stage and plan effects together based on your cast and the skill level of the performers.


I have been designing shows for over 10 years and my associate designer has been designing since 1992. We have both designed for top groups across the country and look forward to working with your program.


I’m a Designer, Educator, & Musician . I have a wife, daughter, twin sons, and life goes pretty easy on me most of the time.

“One of my greatest joys is to be a part of making memories for younger generations of performers in an activity that has provided so many memories and experiences for me.”

Jacob Turnbow is available to help design your next program so that you can meet your program’s goals.  He has designed and instructed shows for groups of all sizes and competitive levels.  Jacob has recently designed for several groups across the country including most recently, Lafayette HS (KY), Greendale HS (WI), Jamestown HS (NY), Siloam Springs HS (AR), Munford HS (TN), McKinney North HS (TX), and Milford HS (MI).

As well as designing, Jacob is the Marching Band Director at Milford High School (Highland, MI).  He was an instructor and then Director of Huron Valley Alliance (MI) and Huron Valley Open Winter Guards (MI) and now designs for Odin Winter Guard (MI).  Those groups have earned several medals in the state of Michigan and have been WGI Regionals Finalists and WGI Semi Finalists.  Odin was a WGI Regional Champion in 2018 and 2019 and was the MCGC State Champion in 2019.

Jacob has been teaching competitive marching band since 2002 for several groups in Michigan including; L’anse Creuse HS North, Livonia Franklin HS, Milford HS, Novi HS, Southgate Anderson HS, and West Bloomfield HS.  Jacob has served in Visual and Brass Caption Head positions for several schools as well as in other instructional and design capacities.  He was also on the Visual Staff for the World Class Boston Crusaders Drum & Bugle Corps in 2015 (75th anniversary season).

Jacob Turnbow attended Wayne State University where he studied Instrumental Music Education (K-12).  In addition to the marching arts, Jacob is an e2020 (online education) teacher at Milford High School (MI). From 2010-2019, He has was an Instrumental Specialist (trumpet) for Maltby Intermediate School (Brighton, MI).  Jacob Turnbow resides in Brighton, MI with his wife, and 3 kids.


All Drill Designs that I create are in collaboration with Mitch Rogers. Mitch is involved in every step of the design process including planning, client communication, writing assistance, and will help guarantee ON TIME delivery.

Mitch Rogers is a drill designer, marching instructor, consultant, judge and clinician working throughout the U.S, Japan, Thailand and Singapore. His well-staged, innovative designs have won championships in many states and five countries. He has designed shows for many BOA Regional, Grand National, and State Contest Finalists and Champions as well as the Cavaliers, Bluecoats, and Troopers Drum and Bugle Corps, and the world famous Aimachi Marching Band of Nagoya, Japan.


These shows are written in a collaboration between Mitch and a talented associate designer. This arrangement offers you one of Mitch’s talented associate designers guided by Mitch’s experience and skill at a significantly LOWER PRICE as compared to a drill solely designed by Mitch.

Experienced Supervision
Both Mitch and the associate will work with you from conception through drill design. Mitch will supervise the drill designer discussing design options, reviewing every page of drill, suggesting drill and show ideas and when necessary writing some of the drill himself to GUARANTEE on-time delivery.

Lower Design Fees
Prices vary depending on band size, creative and competitive challenges and other factors.  Shows supervised by Mitch are priced significantly lower than shows solely written by Mitch.

Contact Information

If you would like to contact Mitch Directly, he is available via email, phone, and when possible, face-to-face for meetings and inquires.


If you are looking for a video or sample of a band that is closer to the size of your ensemble, contact me for more information.


My primary focus is staging but I am available to help plan your show in a variety of capacities.  If you need help with floor design, soundtrack editing, costumes, flags, or something else, contact me so that we can start to piece together your next winter program.


While every program has different goals, these are some of the many accomplishments that some of my clients have achieved. Contact me to explore your vision for your program.

Bands of America

Regional Champion
Regional Finalist
Grand Nationals Participant (Top 40)

Winter Guard International

World Championships Semi FInalist (IA & IO)
Regional Champion (IA)
Regional Finalist (IA & IO)

State Champions

KMEA State Champions
WSMA State Champions
NYSFBC State Champions
Bandmasters Champions

Other Local Achievements

State Finalists
State Runner Ups
US Bands Finalists
Class Champions


Not every achievement is a competitive one. These talented ensembles were selected to perform in a national spotlight that shows off the tradition, excellence, and spirit of the marching band activity.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Munford HS (TN) 2015

Rose Parade presented by Honda

Greendale HS (WI) 2020
Munford HS (TN) 2019


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